Monthly Archives: May 2005

Moments in space

Well, this is it. Tonight is my last night in Philadelphia. Tomorrow, I’m going to move out of the room I have been renting there for just under two years. This also marks the end of my travelling between my house near Washington, DC and my room in Philly. During the semester, I would spend weekends at my house and be present in Philly for classes during the week.

As I’m packing my stuff tonight, I’m reflecting on the moments I’ve spent in this room. I guess that’s some sort of way to bid farewell to a space I have inhabited and that has come to inhabit me.


यह एक हिन्दी लिखने का परीक्षन है।मुझे मालूम नहीं कि अच्छी तरह से दिखाई देगा या नहीं।

Plumbing woes…

Oh, the joys of home ownership. We’ve got a plumber servicing our house right now. He started by snaking our drain, now he’s going to snake our main line and replace a toilet, yay! We’ve been having drainage problems for about a year now. We’ve managed by controling the amount of water we send down the drain but its been troublesome and there’s always some risk that the drain will drastically back up. We’ve tried unblocking the drain with products and the tiny snakes they sell at the hardware store. I’ve thought of renting some heavier stuff but that was not an idea I entertained that much since I’m no plumber.

We now are throwing everything at the problem, including a new toilet. From now on, that drain better drain!!!

Mmm… dosas…

Arvind says:

Am I the only one who feels an uncontrollable rage when my dosas (South Indian pancake-like delicacy, if you’ve never tasted them) don’t come out in one piece? After all, they taste the same either way.

Most of the time my dosas come out in one piece… but not always. No uncontrollable rage here when they don’t. I think mine are a bit on the thick side though. It seems those I get in good Indian restaurants are thinner than mine. Since I’m lazy, I use one of those pre-made mixes that only need water. I found that adding a bit more water than required helps with spreading the batter in the pan.

One of these days, I’ll have to try a dosa with maple syrup. Yeah… I know… sacrilegious!

Le coût et l’accessibilité de la culture

Il y a présentement débat sur la numérisation des oeuvres culturelles françaises. L’un des enjeux est la préservation de la culture française face à l’hégémonie anglo-saxonne. Il m’apparaît qu’à force de se traîner les pieds et de prôner la prudence, il y a un risque réel de promouvoir l’hégémonie culturelle anglo-saxonne.

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