Simple audio software for Linux

I’ve been looking for some good software to edit WAV files…

I need something easy to use but also efficient (keyboard accelerators, please!) and it must support labels (or marker, or whatever system allows to mark portions of the sound file with labels). Here is the list of offerings I’ve looked at (sorry, I’m too lazy for links):

  • ardour: seems rather complex.
  • audacity: not efficient in terms of GUI control.
  • ecawave: finicky about accepted formats. (It doesn’t want to work on my files…) Besides, the author recommend that people stop using his software since he’s not updating it anymore.
  • glame: doesn’t seem to support labels…
  • gnusound: hmm… maybe…
  • rezound: seems very alpha.
  • sweep: crashes very quickly on my machine.

Note that I spent no more than 5 minutes per item so it is possible that I missed things. On the other hand if a piece of software is not crystal clear about what it can and can’t do, I don’t think I want to use it.

It seems right now that I will either stay with audacity (which is what I had been using) or I will move to gnusound. I’m still unsure. The task I need to perform is go through multiple hours of Sanskrit class recording (no kidding!) and index the content so that I can easily refer to it. I need to listen to everything again anyway… I might as well tag things as I go along.

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