Louis-Dominique replies to spam, the sequel…

I keep getting spam and I keep writing imaginary replies…

Time is ripe for an other installment of “Louis-Dominique replies to spam”. Send in the morons, please…

Re: For you!

For me?! Yay!

Pre-approved Application #NITT731

Thank you for your consideration but I never applied for a #NITT731.

where are you?

I’m right here, and you?

Dont ignore this notice

Is deleting ignoring?


A lot of people, just like you, have nothing to tell me but take the effort of letting me know about that by sending empty emails with no subject. That’s truly heartwarming.

where have you been clannish

I don’t think I’ve ever been clannish anywhere.

Don’t leave your house to go to the doctor

… stay home and die a slow painful death.

In-crease Sperm by 500% wEMpW8


Print this for Your Records

Sure. I have a big folder in my cabinet for spam.

Phone Number is Invalid

Ah. So that’s why my call didn’t get through the other day.

sup yo? str

yo dawg… nothin’ jus’ chillin’. array

Please confirm everything

Indeed, I confirm everything, even contradictory statements.

pifll causes longer orgagsms

Side effects include dislexia.

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