Daily Archives: August 21, 2005

Caveat emptor: Cavalier Computers’ prices are high!

It seems to me Cavalier Computers is taking advantage of its position within the UVA community. Look at the BEFW11S4 (the Linksys wireless router) here. They sell it for $89. At MWave, the same device sells for $50.96. That’s a $40 dollar difference (yes, I’m rounding up). Also, at the time I’m composing this post (Aug 21st 2005), Linksys has a mail in rebate offer of $30, which MWave announces very clearly. On Cavalier Computers’ site, there is no indication of such rebate. So a student going to Cavalier Computers would pay $89 dollars, whereas one going to MWave would, after rebate, pay about $20. Yes, there is a shipping cost involved with buying at MWave but that would be in the $5-10 range. (I’m assuming the student lives near UVA and thus does not need shipping when buying from Cavalier Computers.)

Looking quickly at other wireless devices, I see the same pattern: Cavalier Computers’ prices are almost twice that of MWave. (Heck, Cavalier Computers is even pricier than Staples and Amazon, places *not* recognized for offering the best prices.) I will mention that when I looked at the price of Windows XP Home Edition, Cavalier Computers’ price was about the same as the others. (MWave was not carrying it at the time I checked.)

Check elsewhere before going to Cavalier Computers.