Halloween opposition

In the days leading up to Halloween, I’ve been hearing about and reading about people objecting to any observance of Halloween in public schools. From this article:

Bowing to concerns of a wide range of groups – from Christians who consider Halloween to have pagan or satanic overtones to church-state separatists who object to the holiday’s religious roots – some elementary schools are canceling their customary costume parades and Halloween celebrations.

Nonsense! The Christian objection here would apply just as well to Christmas. What with the tree being a pagan symbol co-opted for Christian purposes… On the other hand, the Church-State separatists should demonstrate how Halloween is religious. As far as I can remember, there is no doctrine associated with Halloween except maybe consumerism: “thou shall consume”. I think the doctrine of separation of Church and State (which is a noble fiction, but still a fiction) is important and should be enforced when there is a clear violation of the doctrine but it is not the case here.

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