Uttered on Desperate Housewives yesterday was the stupidest line in the show so far. Don’t take me wrong, I like the show (although the second season is definitely not as good as the first) but Mike asking his dog “what is it, boy?” (I’m paraphrasing) made it look like Mike’s brain had melted somehow. Here we have a hardened street-smart man (with a golden heart, I know) expecting his dog to give him a detailed report on the cause of his agitation.

Mike: What is it, boy?

Dog: *Bark*, I see a guy running around banging onto the cars parked in the street. *Bark*. Looks suspicious. *Bark, bark*.

[Bark… barf. Dogs are always just one consonant away from making a mess. “What is it, boy? [Dog makes typo and barfs.] Ewwww!”]

What’s next? Timmy falls into the well? Mike dons a tinfoil hat?

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