Daily Archives: November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving traditions

The Discovery channel has a story about how the “traditional” Thanksgiving meal is not that traditional after all. From the article:

“Most farmers tried to kill a wild turkey or a deer for Thanksgiving, but more often than not they wound up killing a goose or a hen that no longer was a good egg layer,” said George Gross, director of the Delaware Valley College Roth Living Farm Museum in North Wales, Penn.

I can imagine the discussion between husband and wife:

[George comes into the kitchen with a plucked chicken.]

Martha: George, what’s this?

George: That’s our Thanksgiving meal.

Martha: I can see that but what animal is it?

George: Er… [mumbles]

Martha: What?

George: Alright, a chicken!

Martha: Weren’t you supposed to bring back a turkey?

George: Well, that’s how it went, you see. I had this big plump turkey in my sights. Just when I shot, this chicken jumped out of nowhere right in front of the turkey. It took the bullet, it did…

Martha: Right…

George: Lucky that chicken is no longer a good egg layer.

She’s got the power

As I write this, I’m sitting in our living room. My wife has decided that her job this morning is to optimize the Thanksgiving parade broadcast. She keeps switching between NBC, CBS and one other channel which I think is actually broadcasting something from Disneyland, Disneyworld or something like that. It is unfortunate that each channel is just as unentertaining as the others. The choices right now are to watch some Country singer, a guy doing a song from some Broadway musical or a puppet reporting.

The whole exercise is just a platform for advertising…