Thanksgiving traditions

The Discovery channel has a story about how the “traditional” Thanksgiving meal is not that traditional after all. From the article:

“Most farmers tried to kill a wild turkey or a deer for Thanksgiving, but more often than not they wound up killing a goose or a hen that no longer was a good egg layer,” said George Gross, director of the Delaware Valley College Roth Living Farm Museum in North Wales, Penn.

I can imagine the discussion between husband and wife:

[George comes into the kitchen with a plucked chicken.]

Martha: George, what’s this?

George: That’s our Thanksgiving meal.

Martha: I can see that but what animal is it?

George: Er… [mumbles]

Martha: What?

George: Alright, a chicken!

Martha: Weren’t you supposed to bring back a turkey?

George: Well, that’s how it went, you see. I had this big plump turkey in my sights. Just when I shot, this chicken jumped out of nowhere right in front of the turkey. It took the bullet, it did…

Martha: Right…

George: Lucky that chicken is no longer a good egg layer.

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