Hindu is not a language

On the topic of Enya’s new made-up language,

Terry Dolan, professor of English at University College Dublin, said: “It’s a very eclectic language. It seems to choose elements at random. It brings in a whole wealth of different language forms such as Anglo-Saxon, Hindu, Welsh and, I think, Siberian Yupik as well.”

Repeat after me: Hindu is not a language. Hindu is not a language. Hindu is not a language. Possibilities for this mistake:

  1. This is just a typo. Yep, it is pretty easy to type Hindu instead of Hindi. Typos slip through all the time.
  2. The reporter who took down Dolan’s comments does not know that Hindu is not a language. Dolan said Hindi but the reporter recorded Hindu.
  3. Dolan himself made the mistake and no one caught it. If this is the case, in the future, someone else than Dolan needs to be interviewed for questions of language. Really.

I hope the first possibility is what actually happened in this case.

By the way, Hindu is a religious denomination.

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