Daily Archives: January 5, 2006

Louis-Dominique replies to spam, again…

News just released after the close. Tomorrow is the watch

But now is the delete.

Please observe this instruction

I have observed it and I still don’t understand!

good riddins to thighs

And good riddins to you, sir! Good riddins to everyone!

It doesn’t hurt to check Philip

Nor Laura, nor John, nor Steve… You can check them all.


I want to marry you! NOW!

guess who 🙂


Exclusive benefits

If your benefits are so exclusive, why do you send them to everybody?

Take action now, eliminate the threat.

I’m using a spam filter, doesn’t that qualify?

Increased pop-up ads and SPAM?

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.


Much better than a compliment enemy.

Unbelievable Investors Alert

Thanks for pointing out that this can’t be believed. I’ll delete your mail right away.