Daily Archives: May 27, 2007

Linux on Dell: too little too late?

Great news: Dell now sells desktops and laptops with Ubuntu (a distribution of Linux) pre-installed. No MS tax! Hurray!

I’m planing to buy a new laptop this summer but I’ve been unhappy with my last Dell machine. So Dell is not quite high on my list of potential brands. Their move towards Linux could reverse this situation but they need to get their act together quickly. I’ve looked at the current offerings and I must say I’m not blown away by what is available right now. A laptop without bluetooth? Not in 2007. No way!

Apple is funny

Rewind a few years back at the time when one button mice were standard on Macs. Apple and Apple zealots were foaming at the mouth that multi-button mice like those found on PC’s were just too darn confusing for ordinary people. I’m keeping a friend’s Mac at my house while she’s on the other side of the world. Guess what I found? The Mac’s mouse now has multiple buttons. It just hides most of them but the are there. What happened to the notion that multiple buttons were too confusing? Do the Mac zealots have an answer to that one?