ReBoot is returning

I came across this article reporting that the animated series ReBoot is going to be “reimagined” (that’s not the term used in the article but it seems to be an adequate buzzword) for the big screen. Yay!

ReBoot is an animated series for children that was broadcasted in the mid-90s. When it was shown on TV, I was definitely older than their target audience but two things hooked me. First, I have for a long time been a fan of computer animation. In those days, ReBoot was as close as state of the art as you could get in an animated series produced for television. So I enjoyed the art. The second thing that hooked me was the nerdy humor of the show. For sure the show was enjoyable for the general public. However, the old story of “good guys vs bad guys” was weaved from computer science concepts that only techheads were able to get.

I hope they’ll be able to incorporate in their new version of ReBoot what made the series great in the first place.

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