Softphone solutions for Linux

In light of my upcoming trip to Taiwan, I’ve been looking at softphone solutions for Linux. I already knew about Skype but I’m not happy with them challenging the GPL in Germany. After a bit of research I learned about Gizmo5 and then OpenWengo. OpenWengo looked promising but a) the VoIP company which initially supported OpenWengo has apparently stopped collaborating with the project and b) the project does look dead. I’ve come across a blog post which claims that the project is not dead but several links on the OpenWengo web site are broken and no release has happened in a long time. This leads me to believe that the project is indeed dead. And then the Linux versions of both Skype and Gizmo5 seem to seriously lag behind their Windows version.

Update: After further investigations, I have decided to go with Skype even though I hate Skype’s attack on the GPL. The WengoPhone software (i.e. OpenWengo) proved flaky and moreover was not able to show any video. That’s a total deal breaker. Gizmo5 looks good in theory but it is flaky on the amd64 platform. I’m still going to investigate how well Kopete handles video. Gnome-based solutions like Ekiga are not an option since I use KDE. (I prefer to stick to one DE, thank you.) Twinkle looks promising as a good softphone but it still does not support video.

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