OOHanzi 0.6 released

Warning: OOHanzi 0.6 does not seem to be installable on Mac OS X. I have tried this week to install it on a Mac without success. I do not know whether previous versions would work or not.

OOHanzi 0.6 has been released.

Of all the releases of OOHanzi so far this is the one which has required the most work and which contains the most substantial changes. There are significant visible improvements but the bulk of the work happened under the hood and is invisible to regular users.

There is one major usability improvement: OOHanzi can now be installed by downloading and installing a single package instead of 5 packages. Please refer to the documentation to learn how to use this new method.

List of changes:

  • The user documentation is now stored in an OpenOffice document rather than in an XML document. This will allow for nicer, more friendly formatting of the documentation in the future.
  • OOHanzi now uses the officially recommended method to set preferences.
  • OOHanzi now checks whether strings passed for lookups are bigger than defined size and warns the user if it is the case.
  • OOHanzi now checks whether strings passed for lookups are Chinese and warns the user if the string does now look Chinese.
  • When performing a lookup, OOHanzi now sets the system clipboard to the selected text.
  • Major restructuring of the selection logic. This allowed the next two changes.
  • It now is possible to use OOHanzi in oobase.
  • OOHanzi would crash on any operation having to do with text in footnotes. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused “Mark Words Present In…”->”DDB” to fail to scan the last character of a selection.

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