Wikipedia and Plucker

I provide here a script that I wrote to extract all Wikipedia bookmarks from my Firefox bookmark file. It is written in Perl.

Caveat emptor! This script was written for my own use. It doesn’t do error checking properly. It is not written nicely. It may break, it may cause your computer to catch fire, it may open a portal to the world of Xen, etc. Basically, I can’t be held responsible for whatever headaches it causes you. The context for this was that I wanted Plucker to package all the references I have to the Wikipedia from my Firefox bookmarks file.

Here is the script. Save it, then do:

chmod +x wikiroot

It is invoked as follows:

wikiroot < bookmarks > Wikipedia.html

The string bookmarks is Firefox’s bookmarks file: replace it with the proper path to your bookmarks. (It may work with other browser’s files. I haven’t tried.) The name Wikipedia.html is a suggested name for saving the output. Then that html file can be process with Plucker or any other software that packages html files for the Palm.

The whole thing is pretty crude but works well enough for me. This is not something that I plan to actively maintain. Oh and this code is officially now in the public domain. Do whatever you want with it. I doubt it was copyrightable in the first place given its triviality but now its clear…

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