Daily Archives: June 7, 2005

Swindling taxi drivers…

Magesh warns his readers of some taxi drivers in Mumbai swindling their clients by switching notes. I’m surprised nobody ever tried to pull this on me in the US given that American paper currency looks pretty much all the same. I mean, the differences between the various notes are not as visible as with Canadian currency, for instance, where notes of different values are of a completely different color. That’s the kind of system I was raised on so when I came to the US, I had to learn to take a good look at what I hand out to cashiers because color was no longer enough to know what I was doing. I know I made a mistake at least once since an honest cashier once returned the money I just gave her while noting my error.

Well, that’s just a good reminder to be on the lookout, no matter where you are because individuals and corporations are after your money and some of them will resort to dishonesty to get it.