Daily Archives: August 7, 2006

Lines lost

We were supposed to have an oral presentation class today but since classes were cancelled, that won’t happen. For our oral presentation classes, we have to narrate in Sanskrit a story based on a summary synopsis. Last week my team mate and I deliberately interpreted the synopsis to give the whole story a romantic turn that was not originally intended. Our teacher hid her face in her hands when we got to a scene where the dove declares his desire to kiss the ant. (Yes, an ant and a dove.) The ant said that kissing should only happen after marriage.

Anyway, this week the synopses would have been harder to steer towards romance but I already had a line:

मां विचुंब। मां स्पृश। मां… मां… । परं वक्तुं न शक्नोमि…

Maybe I can use it for something else later…

Louis-Dominique replies to spam, the saga continues…

Another installment of “Louis-Dominique replies to spam”. Typos in the quoted subject lines are those of the spammers. All other typos are mine!

Usher wears Rolex Bling Bling

At last, someone took time to write and publish a thoughtful editorial about Usher. Stop the presses! Now!

It will long for 36 hours so u can be always ready!

O Dearest, my heart will long for you 36 hours. After that, I’ll give up ever winning you. Therefore, from then on, my heart will long for someone else. I am always ready for love and other things.

No room for cellulite in a bikini

Not necessary. There’s plenty of room outside the bikini.

Please Reply Us Urgent….

Urgent! Urgent! (There you go, I replied urgent (to) you.)

it sucks

Doesn’t it?

alfalfa coma councilwoman irradiate dental


You won’t be disapppointed pink

Try our “you won’t be disappointed” pink for when you’re in a frisky mood and also our “I’m leaving you for another man” blue for when the relationship falls apart.

Suprise for your woman…


it’s your decisaion

Only YOU can decide whether to run the spellchecker or not!


And I’m happy to delete you.

banks competiting over you schroedinger

There are no winers or losers until you open this spam.

Snow day!

Er… rain day actually. We took a rickshaw ride to Deccan College this morning only to find out upon arrival that classes are cancelled because of the rain. Rain rain, so much rain!

The water level in the river has also gotten really high. Oh, the joys of monsoon!