Daily Archives: August 16, 2006

Un soi contracté

Un soi contracté ne peut apprécier le lent et doux ressac des heures, la respiration du monde, le va-et-vien copulatoire qui engendre tout à chaque instant. Dans ce ressac, cette respiration, cette copulation où trouve-t-on ce soi contracté qui n’apprécie rien?

Day of Tears reinstated

Turns out we’re going to have a “Last Supper” (Jeannette’s coinage for the occasion) on the “Day of Tears” (my coinage).

He’re a mot… er… “promotional” poster:

And a bigger version.

The picture used in the poster is the one I had which had the most students together in one shot. (Ted is missing.) The line “for every beginning there is an end” was selected precisely because it is overused.

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