Last Supper

Well, our Last Supper happened tonight. Luther, Ted and Isaac were missing. Jeremy left the program earlier. All the rest of us Sanskrit students were there.

No, I did not cry but tears are shy creatures that show up only when they want. When our cat was euthanized last January I was not crying until the vet put in the catheter that was going to be used to deliver the intravenous liquids required. This act, to me, brought everything into focus.

Dan and I dropped Lauren at her temporary home in Pune. It is then, as I was hugging her goodbye, that I got a little moist in the eyes.

Earlier today I wrote to my wife:

I wish I did not have to leave my friends behind all the time. The life of a scholar is a lonely one indeed. Kind of a curse.

Yeah, I’m being melodramatic with the “curse” thing but that how it feels.

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