Apple’s Safari browers is insecure both on Windows and OSX.

People who think Apple is the second coming should read this article. The announcement of security vulnerabilities in Safari was made in the context of the release of the Windows version but those vulnerabilities also exist in OSX. Apple’s software more secure… hmm… yeah, and unicorns too. Choice quote:

Two of the researchers blamed Apple’s “false claims” about security and what they called its “hostile attitude” toward bug finders for the rush to dig up flaws.

Apple surely wins points for its elegant hardware design but that’s the only place where they win points. OSX is a mixed bag: great UI features juxtaposed with inefficient (if not downright confusing) UI misfeatures. Their software is clearly not secure. And they are not your BFF, that’s for sure.

Update: Apple has fixed the security issues. Can’t say they are slow. That’s for sure.

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