Pink kitty

I mentioned earlier that yesterday was my wife’s birthday. The big gift for her birthday this year was an Epson Stylus Photo R380. Yes, she’s that kind of girl (the kind who likes electronics as gifts) and I’m that kind of guy (who is apt to give electronics as a gift to his wife). She had been talking about getting a new inkjet to be able to print photos. We had one that came “free” with the last Dell laptop I bought but it was utter crap. That’s what you can expect with “free” printers.

Anyway, the new printer is good but I found that it has a color balance problem. I’ve been testing it with a of Ice, the best feline companion we’ve ever had, now deceased. Here’s the problem: Ice is white but appears with a pink hue in the pictures I’ve been printing. So now I’m fiddling with the settings to try to see if I can turn off some “feature” which might be messing with the color balance.

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