Daily Archives: July 10, 2007

Dell wasting time on frivolities

I recently noted that my next computer is not going to be a Dell. Boy am I glad I made the decision to abandon Dell. Why? Because today Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager at Dell, reported that Dell is going to hold events in Second Life for the release of the Vostro line of laptops. With this Dell earns a 10/10 for buzz and a 0/10 for appropriateness. When will they learn that Second Life is fluff?

The necessity of nutritional info: Subway gets it!

Consumerist recently reported that Subway is now including the calories per serving on their menus. This is great. A good deal of people must watch what they eat. I myself am included in that group. I need to be careful about my calorie intake because too many calories easily translate to gained weight and increased cholesterol levels. I do not make a habit of getting my food from fast food joints but sometimes circumstances make it so that fast food is the only option and sometimes, albeit rarely, I just feel like going out for fast food. In those cases, I like to be able to chose what I eat. I recognize that fast food is likely to be full of unhealthy stuff but not all fast food options are created equal. At any rate, I applaud Subway for giving their customer nutritional information.

The Consumerist report also notes that Dunkin’ Donut is arguing that they can’t put up the information because they don’t have enough space on their menus. What I’m understanding out of Dunkin’ Donut’s excuses is that they do not want me as a customer. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Dunkin’ Donut, mind you, but I’m not likely to go back there any time soon if they hide their nutritional information.