Indeed Dell is wasting time in Second Life

I’ve noted recently how Dell is wasting time promoting its wares in Second Life. Well, today I’ve caught sight of an article on Slashdot titled “Are Marketers Abandoning Second Life?“. The article notes that indeed marketers are abandoning Second Life. Why? Because the number of Second Life users put forth by Linden Labs is quite inflated. Maybe Dell should pay attention to what the marketers have found out.

2 thoughts on “Indeed Dell is wasting time in Second Life

  1. Laura Thomas/Pyrrha Dell

    Dell’s entry into Second Life has always been about more than just marketing. In addition to learning about the 3D environment, we’re there to connect with customers in a new, innovative way. You can find details about our latest plans here:

    Although, with SL users telling Global Market Insite, Inc. in their April 2007 survey that 37% would “yes, definitely” be more likely to purchase/use a brand in RL that is represented in SL . . . maybe one day the sales/marketing opportunities will be worthwhile, too . . .

  2. Louis-Dominique Post author

    Thanks for the comment.

    I still think that Dell needs to focus on their product. To satisfy me, Dell would need to expand their Linux offering because what is available right now is just not to my liking.


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