eBags did right and honored its price matching policy…

eBags’ price matching policy really works! I posted a few days ago an item in which I was venting my frustration with eBags. For details you should read that post but basically I felt eBags was not honoring its price matching policy as posted on its web site. After publishing my post, I sent an email to Jon Nordmark, CEO of eBags. His email address is published right there on eBags’ web site and I figured that if he publishes it, he must want people to contact him if they have problems. So I sent him an email detailing my troubles. I did mention that I had published a post on my blog about it and that I was going to contact The Consumerist about my experience. He replied by email almost immediately and was quite apologetic. He said he would take care of the situation.

Around lunch time today, I received a phone call from Connie Hendrickson, Manager of Customer Care at eBags. She apologized for the confusion regarding the price matching policy and told me that my price matching request would go through. I want to thank Jon for taking my request seriously and forwarding it to the appropriate people inside the company. I also want to thank Connie for calling and straightening things out with me. My impression now is that the management at eBags really does care about customer service. I will certainly buy there again and recommend their site to friends and family.

There’s another thing I should mention. This is something I could have mentioned earlier but I think it is understandable that given the circumstances I was concentrating on what I thought was problematic rather than on what I thought was great about eBags… but here it is. When I was shopping online for my backpack, I did not find any site that was better than eBags for providing all the information I needed to make an informed choice. I’m a demanding customer. (Those who’ve read my previous post about eBags will probably think “You? Demanding? No kidding!!!”) If I have a problem to solve, I need to find the best solution. A solution which solves only half of the problem is not good enough. In this case, I needed a good backpack that would serve me well to carry my laptop and the books I need for school. (Sanskrit and Classical Chinese dictionaries are not small…) So size was important. Weight was important. Looks were important. How the various compartments are organized was important. I also looked at Amazon and other sites but no site other than eBags gave me enough data to make sure I was not buying something I’d want to return or give to someone else after 2 days.

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