Yet more mediatic hysteria: computer games kill babies!

The TV is on this morning while I’m preparing to go out. A few minutes ago, CBS’ Julie Chen presented a report on the horrific case of the murder of Riley Ann Sawyers. What horrors humans are capable of truly boggles the mind. For sure the media should report about such incidents. However, those reports become problematic when for the sake of shock value (or shlock value perhaps) they stop keeping things in perspective but instead latch onto insignificant details to spice up their report. In this case, they decided to make a big deal out of the fact that the murderers, i.e. the girl’s mother and step father, met two years ago in World of Warcraft. They do not have evidence that the murderers were obsessed with the game. No evidence that they were still playing it. No evidence that they abused and killed the child because of game addiction. No, the mere fact that the murderers met two years ago on World of Warcraft automatically makes the game an important factor in the murder. I’ve known chihuahuas with more critical acumen than those so-called journalists.

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