The art of deletion

I’m currently preparing a photo album which I am going to put online shortly. A significant part of the process consists in deleting pictures. It is only recently that I’ve discovered the importance of deletion.

I think before the advent of digital media people would be quite reluctant to throw away pictures. I’m talking about regular folks, here. I know that photographers already knew that one of the keys to success is to take lots of pictures, later select those which are worth keeping and ditch the rest. I don’t think the vast majority of regular folks operated under the same rules. Most photo albums I’ve had the fortune (or misfortune in some cases) to see contain more pictures than needed and they contain a lot of bad pictures, if not downright atrocious. (Do you really need those blurry pictures of “kitty”? Really?) I think because digital media is so cheap to create, it is easier to use the “delete hammer” to get rid of crud. In the case at hand here, I’ve deleted a little less than half of the pictures I took. I think it is a good thing.

Eventually, I should go through older digital albums and clean them up cause nobody wants to see the same temple under 10 different angles… unless perhaps they are into temple architecture. Another thing I should explore is subdividing albums into “highlights” and the rest. This way, if I want to show the album to someone I can just show the highlights while at the same time keeping the opportunity to go into more depth if I feel like it.

I have to say though that it is a little bit disturbing to select what is worth remembering.

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