Sponsored Artists

I’ve added a new category of links and a new category of posts to publicize the artists I sponsor. The idea is similar to the “Sponsored OSS” box I recently added. The Sponsored Artist category will only include artists who meet two criteria. First, they have to make their work available on the Internet without any DRM. I’m not interested in those who sell DRM-encumbered files. Second, they have to produce music I like so much that I want to pay for it. This is why I call this “sponsorship”. I could be taking their music and not pay anything but artists have to live. So I’m sponsoring them by paying for their music even though there is no mechanism in place to force me to pay. Reread this last sentence 200 times and it’ll start to make sense.

Update: I wrote the post saying “music” because I had music in mind when I wrote my post. It could eventually also cover books, movies, etc.

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