The Smell of Zombies in the Morning

There was some stupid ad on TV this morning. As I am wont to do, I parodied it. I made up some nonsense slogan with the phrase “zombie pus”. Debbie immediately corrected me, arguing that zombies cannot have pus because they are dead. Technically they are living-dead but she’s probably right. I did a bit of research on Wikipedia and found that corpses have cadaverine or putrecine. So I guess that’s what zombies have too.

Putrecine: eau de zombie, by Chanel.

2 thoughts on “The Smell of Zombies in the Morning

  1. curt steinmetz

    Back when I was a protein crystallographer we actually used cadaverine in some of our work. The guy who ran the lab used to say “I love the smell of cadaverine in the morning. It smells like …. RESEARCH!”


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