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Sugar, sugar everywhere!

Yes, I’ve heard before about how food manufacturers put sugar in everything but it is only last weekend that the issue became real for me.  (Call me “slow” if you will… or call me “Susan” if it rocks your boat.)  Debbie wanted to buy canned soup.  (Useful to have in a pinch.)   She started looking at this and that can saying “can’t have this, can’t have that.”   I asked why and she told me the carbs were too high.  (Not due to a  fad diet, if you are wondering.)  So I started looking too.  I was flipping cans left and right like a real grocery store ninja but none of the soups had an adequate level of carbs.  I noticed that a soup which had pasta in it had as much carbs as a vegetable soup without pasta.  This was counterintuitive so I looked closely at both lists of ingredients and quickly found the problem: the vegetable soup, the one without pasta, had high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) listed as the second ingredient.   I checked a few other soups which did not advertise any high-carb ingredient in their name or in the picture on the front of the can but they also had HFCS or sugar listed early in the ingredient list.

We’ll have to start looking at alternatives because this is ridiculous.

Hit the gym today: pleasant surprise

For about 4 months and a half, I have not been doing any kind of serious physical exercise. As usually happens during these periods of inactivity, I assume that when I return to an exercise regimen of some sort, I’ll have to start from scratch. I assume that everything gained during my last intense period of exercise will have evaporated during my period of inactivity. Actually, it seems to me that my past experiences with weight training proved this expectation to be true. In fact, this expectation turns out not to be the case.
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