Logitech G11 keyboard with Ubuntu

(Version numbers are of the form YYMMDD. An optional serial number may be added “.1”, “.2”, “.3” to differentiate multiple updates occurring on the same day.)

Changelog (in reverse chronological order; the topmost item is the most recent):

  • 080417:

    • Update for Hardy.

My Particulars

I use the G11 with a Compal IFL90 running Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). If you are trying to install Ubuntu on an IFL90, see this page.

At a glance

The following table summarizes which functions of the keyboard work and which don’t in Hardy. The column Hardy+Procedure is prospective. “MC” means manual configuration is needed. This table does not list things which should obviously work like the button to change the light intensity and the button to switch between gaming mode and work mode. These are internal to the keyboard and need no support from the OS. (The table is exactly the same as for Gutsy.)

Function Linux in general Hardy Hardy + Procedure
Mute Y Y Y
Volume Wheel Y Y Y
Stop Y Y Y
Play/Pause Y Y Y
Previous Track Y Y Y
Next Track Y Y Y
M1-M3 Y MC Y
G1-G18 Y MC Y

Basically out of the box, everything works except the extra programmable keys. Without extra support G1-G18 are bound to F1-F12, and numbers 1-6.

Procedure to get full functionality in Hardy or Gutsy

I’m sorry but there is no procedure established yet. The G11 and G15 keyboard are in the same family. The G15 has the same capabilities as the G11 but it also has a programmable LCD. So G15tools should give full functionality. But as of December 17th 2007, I have decided that I don’t want to fiddle with that software. I have concerns about its design and stability and have no interest at the moment deal with it. If I get in a mood to do something, I’ll post a detailed procedure here.

Old Changelog

Entries are in reverse chronological order. (The topmost item is the most recent.)

  • 071216:

    • Initial page.

2 thoughts on “Logitech G11 keyboard with Ubuntu

  1. Zach

    I’d be interested in information on how you managed to get the rest of the keys on the g11 to work (this page is the first result for the query: logitech g11 keyboard ubuntu 8.04).

  2. Louis-Dominique Post author

    Zach: There is a way to get the extra keys to work in Linux but as I mentioned in my page above, I’ve decided to not spend any time getting them to work. I only game in Windows so it is not a big loss for me that they don’t work in Linux.

    So the only thing I can tell you is to get the source for g15tools, compile it and wish you good luck with getting it to work properly.


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