Logitech VX Revolution with Ubuntu

(Version numbers are of the form YYMMDD. An optional serial number may be added “.1”, “.2”, “.3” to differentiate multiple updates occurring on the same day.)

Changelog (in reverse chronological order; the topmost item is the most recent):

  • 080430:

    • Added a comment that Hardy needs btnx version 0.4.10 or later.
  • 080417:

    • Update for Hardy.

My Particulars

I use the VX Revolution with a Compal IFL90 running Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). If you are trying to install Ubuntu on an IFL90, see this page.

Hardy and Gutsy Configuration for the VX Revolution

With a stock Hardy or Gutsy configuration, the left, middle and right button of the mouse will work as expected. (The middle button is the wheel.) The wheel will also scroll windows up and down as expected. However, the extra buttons won’t work and that’s a shame.

To fix that situation, I recommend the use of btnx. See the documentation hosted on its site for information about how to compile and configure it. See also this thread on UbuntuForums. On Hardy, version 0.4.10 or later is required. See this bug report.

Old Changelog

Entries are in reverse chronological order. (The topmost item is the most recent.)

  • 071216:

    • Initial page.

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